The gener8tor Program

The fast, lean way to get there

Whether you have an idea scribbled on a napkin or have a strong baseline product built with customers and revenue, we’d like to talk to you!

gener8tor‘s program can carry you from the “I have a great idea” moment all the way through to helping you get financing to scale your company. Regardless of where your starting point is or how evolved your company may be we can help. We have companies with ideas on napkins to revenue producing entities applying and accepted into our program.

We conduct ourselves with efficiency and speed in mind at every step. The entire process is designed to help figure out if the public (customer) agrees that the idea is good and solves a real problem. Ultimately, the market has to adopt your product/service. Following lean startup methodology, startups are encouraged to “build, measure, learn” as quickly as possible. We look for the best people that have the ability to turn ideas into companies. We’ll provide you with capital, office space and surround you with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts, service providers and anyone else you need to get off the ground and grow. This happens during an intense gener8tor-funded, high-energy 12-week curriculum.

Companies accepted into the gener8tor program receive a 12-week mentor-driven bootcamp experience and $20,000 cash in exchange for 6-9% common stock equity. This includes hands-on support from a variety of people with a common goal–to help you make your business growth-ready. Following the program, gener8tor and its partner, Angels on the Water, invest an additional $50,000 into each graduate to help seed your follow-on round.

In addition, because gener8tor is a member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), we offer a nice suite of benefits that really help startups get off the ground. We are able to  provide founders with the best resources to build their companies and take advantage of huge perks from GAN sponsors like Microsoft, SoftLayer and Rackspace.

Deal Terms & Perks:

  • - $20,000 cash investment in exchange for 6-9% common stock equity
  • - $50,000 of guaranteed follow-on capital (convertible note)
  • - Additional $50,000 of guaranteed follow-on capital for Wisconsin-based companies (convertible note)
  • - Access to staff designer and interns (development, marketing, social media, journalism, business development, sales, etc)
  • - $500,000+ in deals and perks from vendors like Soft Layer, Rackspace, Amazon, PayPal and Microsoft
  • - Support from the gener8tor team and network of alumni

Premiere Night

At the end of each program we hold a Premiere Night. Premiere Night is a celebration of gener8tor’s latest class of innovative startups and entrepreneurship. For the three months leading up to Premiere Night, gener8tor’s group of entrepreneurs work to validate their business models, attract customers and prepare their presentations. Premiere Night offers an amazing opportunity for gener8tor companies, entrepreneurs and investors to commingle. On Premiere Night, each gener8tor company gives a live pitch in front of a captive audience of investors, entrepreneurs and community members.

gener8tor Premiere Night is Wisconsin’s premier networking event for entrepreneurs.

Continuing support

After a company makes it through the gener8tor program and the business model has been validated, it’s time to grow. We offer a greater level of investment financially to all our graduates in the form of an additional $50,000. The companies build on the foundation they created and gener8tor offers continued support and engagement for the next steps.

Benefits include further gener8tor funding, continued use of gener8tor’s office space, resources, mentors, support staff, etc., and an opportunity to take your new company to the next level. Since our incentives for success and growth are aligned, we’ll do our best to help make sure you get the follow-on funding, support and resources you need.

We’re in it with you.