Discovery Program

gener8tor‘s Discovery Program carries you from the “I have a great idea” stage all the way through to helping you get financing to scale your company. We do this with speed in mind at every step. The entire process is designed to help figure out if the public (customer) agrees that the idea is good and solves a real problem. Ultimately, the market has to adopt your product/service. Following lean startup methodology, startups are encouraged to “build, measure, learn” as quickly as possible. For the Discovery Program, we look for the best people that have the ability to turn ideas into companies. We’ll provide you with capital, office space and surround you with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts, service providers and anyone else you need to get off the ground and grow. This happens during a gener8tor-funded, high-energy 12-week curriculum.

Companies accepted into the Discovery Program each receive a 12-week mentor-driven bootcamp experience and $20,000 cash in exchange for 6-9% equity.


Next up is the Validation Program